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Read on to get varied free best friend / friendship SMS text messages for all occasions.

Best Friend SMS

Of all relationships that a person may have, the most amicable and fun-filled one is that with a friend. Perhaps in no other relationship other than friendship, one has experienced/shared such a gamut of emotions like happiness, sorrow, anxiety, fear, excitement and so on with another person. Friends occupy a special place in our lives and deserved to be made to feel so. As such, here's a list of best friend SMS below. Pick the best one for your friend and text message it to him / her now with your mobile.
  • Whether side by side or miles apart, best friends are always close to one's heart.
  • Friendship is true when silence between two persons is comfortable.
  • A friend is sweet when he is new, sweeter when he's TRUE! But u know wat? He's sweetest when it's you.
  • Flower needs sunlight, violet needs dew, angels in heaven know I need u. Years may fly, tears may dry, but my frenship wid u will never die.
  • People live. Ppl die. Ppl laugh. Ppl cry. Some give up. Some will try. Some say hi. Some say bye. Others may forget U, but never I.
  • Memory lasts 4ever n never does it die. True friends stay together n never say bye.
  • If you r in trouble, if you need a hand. Just call my number coz I'm your friend!
  • Wherever you go, whatever you do, may god's angels watch over you.
  • Is there's any gift tat gold can't buy? A blessing dats rare & tru? It's surely the gift of a friend like the one I hav in u!
  • True friend is like diamond. Real n rare! Untrue friends r like leaves scattered everywhere.
  • I met U as a stranger. I leave U as friend. As long as world stands, our friendship never ends.