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This article tells about long distance romantic gift ideas. Read on to know some nice Valentine gifts for people living far.

Long Distance Romantic Gift Ideas

If your partner lives far away from you, you might be searching for some nice long distance romantic gift ideas. Look no further. We are at your service with a number of ideas for long distance gifts. Given below are some ideas for Valentine gifts for people living far:
  • Buy a white T-shirt for him. Apply a red lipstick and plant kisses all over the t-shirt. Put it in a box, wrap it nicely and send it to him through courier.
  • Buy 365 toffees for your partner. Wrap each toffee with a nice paper. On the inner side of the paper, write one thing that you really like about him/her. Send these toffees to him/her, with the condition that he/she will have only one toffee a day.
  • Prepare a collage with pictures of all those memorable moments both of you have spent together. On the bottom of the collage, write a message foe him/her. Send the gift after wrapping it nicely.
  • Record a Video or Audio CD telling your partner how much you love him/her.
  • Sending a bouquet of flowers or some other gift through the Internet is another good option.
  • Prepare a notebook with as many pages as the number of days you will not be seeing each other. On each page, write a love letter for each day that he/she will be away. This way your partner will have letter for each day you are not with him/her.
  • Prepare a box with small little things that will remind your partner of you like the lipstick you use, the perfume you apply, etc. Ask him/her to take one thing out of the box each day.
  • Send your partner a watch as a Valentine's Day gift. Attach a note saying, "Now, whenever you look for time, you will think about me."
  • Write some nice poems for your partner describing your feelings for him/her.
  • Last but not the least, the bestest gift for your love one can only be "YOU". So, plan and holiday and give your partner a surprise by visiting him/her at his/her place.