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Simple personalized gifts keep you from burning a hole in your pocket during Valentine. Read how to make handmade gifts!

Handmade Gifts

You do not really have to burn a hole in your pocket buying an expensive Valentine day gift for your beloved. Nor are you really expected to climb the highest mountain or swim across the mighty ocean in order to prove that you truly, deeply and madly love your sweetheart / lover. Just keep things simple and moony this Valentine by opting to create a unique gift all by yourself. Infact, there are many interesting handmade gifts you can choose to make for Valentine day. Read below to get some idea.

Make Scented Candle
Making aromatic candle would make a fabulous personalized Valentines gift item for a lover. These candles can be made easily in varied shapes and colors and used during a candlelight dinner. Another option here is to make mug gel candle, in which you would be using gel wax instead of the ordinary wax.

Valentine Gift Basket
This would make an excellent homemade Valentine day gift. Instead of buying readymade gift baskets from the market for your valentine, you can create one by including in it things that your lover likes. A standard valentine gift basket usually contains items like flowers, perfumes / colognes, candy, wine and so on. Scanning the contents of the basket should prove to be fun for you both.

Arrange a Cozy Candlelight Dinner
There just cannot be a better gift for a Valentine than a cozy candlelight dinner in a lovely home balcony or terrace for just the two of you. It's all the more better if you are an impeccable cook and can scurry up some of his / her delicious cuisines. Also do not forget to dress up duly yourself for such occasions. Keep the dinner a low key.

Handmade Valentines Day Card
Another fabulous idea for personalized valentine day gift is homemade cards. For this all you need is a piece of chart paper, loads of imagination and few mushy phrases / sayings. Get cut-out pictures of couples, flowers, etc. from old fashion / film magazines. Stick them together artistically and jot down some mushy sayings as a final touch. Bingo! Your handmade valentine card is ready.