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Do you want your valentine’s day to be simple and beautiful? Explore the article given below to know more about cheap Valentine gift ideas.

Cheap Valentine Gifts

Valentine's day is a occasion to celebrate the intensity of your love. It is a common practice that people get a lot of gifts for their beloved ones on that day. If you are among those who can't afford a big celebration on this Valentine's day, you don't have to worry. In fact, valentine's gifts are not supposed to be expensive ones. Even a small, creative, homemade gift will do much more than a trendy gadget you buy from a store. You should express your love and care through the gift, which you present to your beloved. The gift should reflect your personality, care, and love. You can make or purchase many effective cheap valentines' gifts for your beloved, this Valentine's Day. Read on the article to know more about frugal Valentine's gifts ideas for your beloved.

Cheap Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Cheap Valentine's Gifts for Her

Candy Bar
You don't have to present a complete box of chocolates to brighten up your sweetheart's face. Instead, you can buy a big candy from a grocery store and make new wrapper for it, using your word-processing program. Paste a photo of your sweetheart on that, without making it look goofy. Name your candy after your sweetheart such as 'Lovely Anna' or 'Choco Anna'. This would make her laugh and would remain in her memories for a long time.

Red Roses
Buy a few red roses or red tulips or if you have them in your garden, just pick them. Nothing expresses the tender feeling of love more than flowers. They instantly bring the joy and smile in the women's face. Being the most ancient and supreme symbol of love, flowers will help you to keep your love bright even when you are in a financial crisis on the Valentine's Day.

Personalized Coffee Mugs
You can paint the not very old coffee mugs, which is resting and dusting in your shelf and make it look a little peppy. Write her name by color sketches or by paint. Pour coffee and serve it her to give a little surprise.

Photo Collage
A homemade photo collage would remind your sweetheart of the precious moments you spent together with her. If you don't have photos of your precious days, just draw up some cartoons or caricatures of those memorable events, give it some color using basic color sketches or pencils, and present it to her. She will never forget this kind of a gift and your collage will be with her for a long time.

Cheap Valentine's Gifts For Him

Hobby Helpers
If your boyfriend likes to play musical instruments like Violin or Guitar, you can buy him more picks. You can get a Dunlop Metal Thumb pick for as less as $1.19 or a pack of eight fender premium celluloid guitar picks for $3.99. Even though, you gift is a small one, the impact which it would create will be very high.

DVD Of His Favorite Movies
Men like movies a lot. Your boyfriend may be a hardcore fan of action films. If so, you can get him some thriller classics, which he may not have seen, like Sam Peckinpah's 'The get Away', 'The High Noon', Ringo Lam's "City On Fire" or Stanley Kubrick's "Dr. Strangelove". If your man is a movie buff, this gift will surely make him think high of you.

A Bottle Of Wine
If your boyfriend is into wine, get him a bottle of nice but cheap wine. Take the original wrapper out and write something about him on the wrapper. You can add some funny statutory warning such as 'drinking wine can cause intense romance'. It will be a funny and charming gift for your mate.