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The Marriage Decision

The Marriage Decision

You feel that you have met your perfect soul mate. Whenever you are alone, you find him/her standing by your side. You don't even need to tell him/her that you are upset, he/she just seems to know it already. When he/she smiles, it seems as if the entire world has lighted up. You feel that you can face any problem in life, as long as he/she is there with you. Even the notion of losing him/her brings tears to your eyes. Now you wonder whether it is the right time to propose marriage!!!!

Taking the decision about marriage requires due consideration. Marriage decision is not the one to be taken hastily or in a random manner. It is something that will affect your entire life.

About the Two of You
First things first, both of you need to be sure about yourself. There are a number of questions you need to ask yourself. Do you love each other so much that you can spend the rest of the life together? Are you compatible or do you fight at the smallest of issues? Only after having removed even the tiniest doubt, you should take the decision.

Life after marriage will not be same as it was before. You no longer remain a bachelor or a spinster, you'll have to give answers, you'll have to come back home on time, etc, etc. There will be adjustments and there will be some fights also. Are you willing to handle all that? However, do not forget that there are numerous pros of marriage also, like you will never be lonely again, you will be always loved and mean the world to someone.

Are You Independent
Are both of you independent? Will you be able to support a family, without getting broke? Remember till now, you had to think about yourself only. But now, it will be "us", instead of "me" and "our needs", instead of "my needs".

Are your family members ready for this marriage or do they have some objections. If they have some reservations, then it is better to clarify them beforehand.