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Here we discuss the issue of live in relationships or living together before marriage. Check out whether live in relationships do work.

Live in Relationships

Wherever we go these days we hear the concept of live-in relationships, which is basically two people living together before marriage. A live-in relationship is almost like marriage, with a few exceptions. You need not file a divorce in case you decide to go your separate ways, you are not financially dependent on your partner, etc, etc. However, as you start living with each other 24 X 7, slowly and gradually expectations start cropping up.

You start demanding a lot from your partner, just like it happens in case of a marriage. You want to know where he/she is going, when he/she will be back home and so on. Most of the people going in for a live-in relationship are those who are afraid of committing and who don't want the responsibilities that come along with being committed. They want the security of a relationship as well as the freedom and independence that comes with being a bachelor/spinster.

As an answer to the question that "do live-in relationships work", we can only say that the concept look good for some time. However, after a certain period you feel the need for security and commitment. Also, marriage is any day better than a live-in relationship as sooner or later we all need somebody on whom we can fall back. And the surety that somebody will always be there for you can come only with commitment and with marriage.