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Here are given some romantic welcome home ideas and tips. Read on to know how to welcome your partner at home.

Welcome Home Ideas

So, your beloved has gone out of station for a few days, you missed hi/her very much and want to welcome him/her back. Or maybe you feel that your life is becoming too monotonous and you want to infuse some spark into it by planning a nice surprise for your partner, when he/she comes back from work. But, you do not know how to welcome your partner. Don't worry, you have found the right article. In the following lines, we are providing some romantic welcome home tips…
  • Prepare a little treasure hunt for your partner. Just before he/she is about to come, hang a note on the door writing half the sentence like "I love you because…" Then, place another note in the hallway saying "Because you make me feel complete, and…." Like this, make an entire trail of notes, which leads to where you are sitting with flowers in your hand and a placard saying, "I missed you so much. Welcome back."
  • Fill the entire room of your partner with flowers, before he/she reaches his/her place. With each bouquet, attach a note telling him/her how much you missed him/her.
  • Another welcome home idea is to arrange for a luxurious car to pick him/her from the office or airport. Ask the chauffer to drive him/her straight to your favorite restaurant, where you will be waiting for him/her, with flowers.
  • Light up the entire house with aroma candles and have some soft music playing in the background. Arrange for some wine and have home cooked candle lit dinner.
  • Roll out a carpet of red rose petals, which leads right to your partner's room. Fill the entire room with heart shape balloons and on each balloon write a cute message for him/her.