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Given here are some ideas for romantic surprises at office. Read on to know how to give a surprise at work

Romantic Surprises at Office

The place where your partner least expects you to surprise him/her is the office or workplace. So, why not take advantage of this fact and plan some romantic surprises for him/her at office. However, make sure that on the day of the surprise your partner does not have a very hectic or busy schedule. Otherwise, he/she will not be able to enjoy as well as appreciate the surprise fully. In the following lines, we have provided some ideas for planning a romantic office surprise. Read on to know how to give your partner a surprise at work…
  • Go to the office of your partner before his/her arrival. Fill up his/her entire cabin with flowers and balloons and keep a big love card on his/her table with a sweet romantic message. He/she is sure to have a bright smile on his/her face, throughout the day.
  • Just before your partner is about to leave his/her office in the evening, get a bouquet delivered to him/her. On the bouquet, attach a note saying "There is a big surprise waiting for you in your car". Keep a pre-recorded CD (with some romantic message for him) in the car, on the driver's seat. Also, mention in the CD where you want him/her to come, home or a restaurant. And there, be ready with dinner and wine.
  • Celebrate Lover's Day, i.e., dedicate an entire day to your partner. Start the day with treating him/her to a delicious breakfast and then drop him/her to office. Throughout the day, send him/her small little presents like flowers, chocolates, cards, etc. After office, take him/her for a candle lit dinner at your favorite restaurant.
  • Keep sending sms to your partner every half an hour, when he/she is in office. You can write anything in these messages like "I Love You", "You are the Best", "You make me feel Complete", etc. But make sure that he/she does not have any meeting on that day. Otherwise, it can be very annoying.
  • Prepare a number of love notes, with some cute romantic messages for your partner. Before he/she is about to leave office in the evening, stick them through the interiors of his car. Be there to see his/her expression, when he/she sees it.