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This article tells about the zodiac sign of Scorpio, along with its love traits and the perfect love match for a Scorpio.

Scorpio Zodiac Sign

Dates 24th October to 22nd November
Sign Water Sign
Symbol The Scorpion, Eagle or Gray Lizard

The first thing that you will notice about a Scorpio is the hypnotic gaze of his/her eyes. It will look as if they are boring deep into your soul and getting access to your innermost secrets. Scorpios are never wishy-washy. For them, answers are either yes or no, never maybe. They tend to go the extremes in everything they do. If they love, they love with irrepressible passion and if they hate, you can be certain you will see hell on earth itself. They give honest opinions and find it difficult to flatter anyone. People born under the Scorpio zodiac sign have perfect control over their emotions and you will hardly see them blushing, frowning or displaying any other visible emotion. They know what they are and what they are not and what you think about them will hardly make any difference.

Scorpio Love Traits
  • Scorpios are very passionate as well as possessive.
  • They are extremely loyal, be it any relationship.
  • As they tend to very mysterious, you could lose yourself in them.
  • They tend to overlook even the biggest faults of the people they love.
  • They are very emotional, but you will seldom see their sensitive side. It is normally kept under heavy wraps.
  • Since they have a magnetic personality, people tend to get captivated the moment their eyes meet with those of Scorpios.
As far as the negative characteristics are concerned, Scorpios have the habit of not forgiving those who hurt them. Other than that, they tend to be very stubborn, get aggressive often, are highly secretive and get jealous very easily.

Perfect Love Match for a Scorpio
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