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This article tells about the zodiac sign of Leo, along with its love traits and the perfect love match for a Leo.

Leo Zodiac Sign

Dates 24th July to 23rd August
Sign Fire Sign
Symbol The Lion

The lions love to be the center of attraction. People born under the Leo zodiac sign love to live in style and are highly indulgent. They love crowds and mingle very easily with people. However, Leos like to dominate everybody and demand their respect. They have a graceful manner, like that of the lion. Another trait of Leos is that they are very vulnerable and get hurt very easily. The best way to win over a Leo is to pamper him silly. Then, instead of a roaring lion, he will turn into a purring cat. Also, they are the perfect hosts and will treat you in the most luxurious manner.

Leo Love Traits
  • Leos tend to be protective of the ones they love.
  • A Leo will support you through all your ups and downs.
  • They are very warm and considerate.
  • They can get very possessive of their loved ones and get jealous very easily.
  • Romance with a Leo can a typical fairy tale type. You will be wooed with flowers, candle lit dinners and all.
  • They love to be pampered in love and are very caring.
As far as the negative characteristics are concerned, Leos can be very egoistic, proud, dominating, stubborn and arrogant.

Perfect Love Match for a Leo
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