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The best place to find ultimate romance is in the pages of a book. Check out top 10 or ten most romantic books of all times.

Top 10 Romantic Books

Books take you to a different world altogether. The fantasy and the fancy captured in their words get transferred to the minds of the readers. Engrossed into the world a writer created, you tend to experience the feelings of the character yourself. While books are written on many genres, romance is the one where feelings are most explicitly and intensely expressed. The real feelings of love, care and affection can only be created through romantic books. They are great picks and can be read and even re-read without even a trace of boredom. Check out the ten most romantic books of all times.

Top 10 Romantic Books

The Playboy
Carly Phillips’s 'The Playboy' is a romantic tale of a divorcee, who wants to run away from the match making policy of his mother. Whilst she is determined to make her son marry, he, in turn, manages to find a woman who has fled from her own wedding. Both of them decide to act as a couple, only to fall in love with each other during the act.

Lady of Desire
'Lady of Desire' is a story of a lady who, much unlike her mother, is a beauty and far apart from any scandals. She runs away from home when her brother fixes her marriage, only to come across a notorious leader of the thieves. He belongs to a much coveted family and, falling in love with her, returns back to his home to become a good person and woo her love. Gaelen Foley’s novel is a moving tale of how love can change people and make them better individuals.

The Game
Set in the backdrop of the Elizabethan era, Brenda Joyce’s 'The Game' is a tale of romance and love that has historical people as its characters. The protagonist of the book is a pirate who captures a woman and ends up falling in love with her. A perfect story of romance, love and passion, it shows how far can people go for the person they love.

Taken by Surprise
Written by Susan Johnson, 'Taken by Surprise' revolves around a game which turns into the most unlikely fashion. The story is a tale of a lover and a prohibited encounter which he makes. This leads him having both desire and danger around him. An enticing story, 'Taken by Surprise' focuses on all the aspects of love.

Born in Ice
Nora Roberts, in her novel ‘Born in Ice’, portrays the Irish life and the love that is shared between three sisters. The book takes you to the world of ice, where you see love through the eyes of Brianna Concannon, the younger sister. She falls in love with Grayson Thane, an American mystery writer, who finds himself drawn towards her, despite all odds. The book is sure to ignite love among the readers.

A first in the series of novels started by Diana Gabaldon, 'Outlander' is about two lovers - Claire Fraser and Jamie Fraser. Set in the backdrop of the World War II, the novel defies certain romance parameters and is a composition which can also be classified as a historic or science fiction.

Pride and Prejudice
One of the most famous novels by Jane Austen, 'Pride and Prejudice' is all about five sisters and the turmoil they go through when a wealthy man and his best friend arrive in their neighborhood. Published in 1813, the novel is a classic tale of love and values.

It Had to Be You
Written by Susan Elizabeth Phillips, 'It Had to Be You' is a contemporary romance novel that brings across the story of a young woman who struggles against all odds to make her life perfect. An enchanting story of two stubborn people who believe in playing for keeps, it showcases the magic of being in love as well as being loved.

The Bride
Written by Julie Garwood, 'The Bride' is about a couple in which the partners complement each other perfectly. Both the characters are strong-willed and learn to adjust to each other with time. A classic love story of deep passions and great love, it is surely worth a read!!

Whitney, My Love
Published in 1985, Judith McNaught’s 'Whitney, My Love' is a romantic tale of The Duke of Claymore, who spends years waiting for Whitney Stone to grow up and become his wife. However, when she grows, she falls in love with someone else. The novel would make you smile, cry and even sigh as you read through their turbulent relationship.