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Given here are some feng shui tips for your bedroom. Use these feng shui ideas for spicing up your love life.

Bedroom Feng Shui Tips

Given below are some feng shui tips for your bedroom. You can use these feng shui ideas for spicing up your love life…
  • The main thing in your bedroom is your bed and you need to pay attention on that. The bed you choose for your room must have a firm and strong headboard. This is because as per Feng Shui, the headboard acts a representative of a supportive mountain for your back.
  • Next thing is the position of the bed in the bedroom. The bed should be placed at as much distance from the door as possible. And the position should be such that you can easily see the door.
  • Your bedroom should look like a bedroom and not an office or a gym. Keeping things like computer, treadmill, exercising cycle, etc inside your room is a big no-no. In case you need to keep these things inside due to shortage of space, keep them as far from the bed as possible.
  • One of the basic feng shui tips is that the bedroom should always look inviting. It serves as a safe haven for a couple and should look like one. Create a warm and cozy environment in your room by lighting by aroma candles, keeping flowers, etc.
  • Clean out all the clutter from your bedroom like unnecessary furniture, items holding bad memories, useless decoration pieces, etc. Instead, keep photos that remind of the memorable times both of you have spent together.
  • Take that television out of your bedroom. Apart from diverting your attention, it also acts as a third party in the room. It is not conducive to a healthy relationship.