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Read to find cute & romantic quotes, quotations and sayings for boyfriends & girlfriends.

Girlfriend and Boyfriend Quotes

Ever considered whispering sweet nothings (endearments) into your lover's ears? This may sound frivolous to some, but ask those who have tried this and they will tell how it works like a real magic potent making that special person in your life fall in love with you all over again. Given below are some beautiful, romantic quotes, quotations and sayings that boyfriends and girlfriends can use for one another.

Write them in a small note / chit and secretly drop it into your lover's purse / wallet, wisher into the ears or scribble on each other's valentine day cards. Use your imagination for ideas on how these cute girlfriend and boyfriend love quotes and sayings can best convey the message of your heart.
  • Meeting you happened to be my fate, turning into a friend was a choice, but falling in love with you truly deeply and madly I admit I had absolutely no control over.
  • Being intensely loved by that special person provides one strength, while loving someone special deeply provides courage.
  • Love can happen to those who nurture hope even after they have been ditched before, to those who still have faith even though they have been let down, to those who still can love even though they have been hurt before.
  • Love is wanting to be near someone whenever you two are apart, but somehow feeling warm within as you very well know that he / she is still very close to your heart.
  • You can shut your eyes to all those things you do not wish to view, but you cannot seal your heart to the things you do want to feel.
  • At times you build walls around yourself not to keep others out, but just to test who cares enough to tear them down.
  • I love you much much more than I have ever found a way to convey the same to you.
  • Love is the only thing that can make you smile when you are all tired and haggard.
  • Let our trust, not our past disappointments shape the future of our love.
  • When you have a lover in your life, he /she can make up for great varied things that might absent. But if you do not have love in your life, then no matter what else there is, it will not seem adequate.
  • I love you not because of who you are, but because of who I am when I am with you.