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Are thinking of asking him out for a date, but don't know "how" to ask him out. Read on to know, how to ask a guy for a date.

How To Ask Him Out

You want to go further in the relationship, a little more than just being friends. So, you think of asking him out on a date. Is the thought of being the one who has to pop up the question making you very nervous? No worries! We are here to provide you with the answer of "how to ask him out". Read on to know how to ask a guy for a date…
  • First and foremost, try to find out what he likes. Is he a movie buff or a cricket fan? Is he one of the sentimental types or likes going for adventurous stuff?
  • After you are sure about his interests, see how many of them you share. It may be possible that he likes to go for scuba diving and the mere thought of water has you running off. Pick on something that both of you will enjoy.
  • Next is to pick a day on which both of you are free. If you pick on any day, without knowing about his plans, it may turn out that he is busy on that day. Then, even if wants to go out with you, he may have to say no.
  • Now is the time to ask him out. Be confident and do not show any signs of nervousness.
  • Then, just go and ask whether he is free on a particular day and would like to go out with you. Make sure to tell him what you intend to do on that day.
  • If he says yes, appreciate the gesture. And in case he refuses, don't feel bad. There's always a next time and a next guy!!!!