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This article talks about tips & signs for reading flirting body language correctly.

Flirting Body Language

Have you ever laughed at a joke and held eye contact with the other person longer than what is standard. In all probability, you were flirting with that person. When a person makes apparent or subtle romantic or sexual gestures with one's body language consciously and otherwise, it is termed as flirting. It is through the flirting body language that one conveys a sexual or romantic interest in a person. These flirtatious actions include one's conversation, body language, and / or physical contact.

Reading Flirting Body Language
Did you know that we communicate more through our body language than through words? The same body language rule applies in case of flirting as well. Infact, experts state our body language conveys almost 50 per cent of what we speak, voice tone helps about 40 per cent in this, while spoken words only has about 10 per role in communicating. This assists in reading flirting body language as well.

One will normally find the following signs of flirting body language in a couple -
  • Both partners will switch their body positions to mimic one another's. The couple will normally be calm and happy, mirroring one another.
  • Change their breathing patterns as per the drift of their discussion.
  • Regulate the volume of their voice to suit the partner's.
Few other more common signs of flirting body language include -

Personal Space
This is among the most vital flirting body language signs to keep tab on. If he or she forays into your personal space, then read this flirting body language as a sign that he / she is trying to get close to you.

Crossed Arms
Crossing the arms across one's chest normally means that the other person is not comfortable in your presence and is clearly a no-no signal. Crossed arms normally denote vigilance and defensiveness while reading flirting body language.

The smile goes a long way in easing tension and making the other person comfortable under any circumstances and especially a romantic one. It signifies friendliness, an optimistic attitude, happy mood and gives an impression that the smiling person is fun to be with.

Flirting Body Language Tips
They key to holding an interesting and flirtatious chit chat is by remembering that men and women think in different manner. But either way, you make sure that you -
  • Listen to the other person attentively.
  • Seek common ground while flirting. The most vital thing of the tête-à-tête is to discover what you two have in common like hobbies, friends, jobs, etc.
  • Keep from talking too much about yourself. Not only answer questions properly, but show more eagerness to know about the other person as well.