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Given here are some ideas for planning a surprise getaway. Read on to know how to plan surprise vacations.

Planning a Surprise Getaway

All of us want to do something special for our beloved. And one of the ideas that appeal to almost everyone is the planning of a surprise getaway. So what are you waiting for guys and gals? Get your wheels in motion and organize this special surprise for your beloved. In the following lines, we are telling you how to plan surprise vacations…
  • Decide on the timing of the getaway. Since it is a surprise, make sure that your partner will be able to take leave at that time. Otherwise, you can make the getaway a weekend affair also, so that there will be no problem of getting an off.
  • Next step in the planning of a surprise getaway is to select a nice destination for both of you. However, keep in mind the interests of your partner. Whether he/she likes beaches or mountains and so on.
  • In case you are planning for a weekend getaway, make plans for a nearby place. You do not want to spend most of your time in traveling.
  • Make reservations for the hotel, guesthouse, etc in advance, whether it is the peak travel season or not.
  • Tell your partner about your romantic getaway in a special manner. For example, you may plan a little treasure hunt for him/her, at the end of which he/she finds the plane/train tickets.
  • Last but not the least, enjoy yourself fully, without thinking about the office or the kids or anything else. Just lose yourself in each other.
Now stop worrying too much, have a great time and a great vacation!!!!!!!