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Are you looking for tips to become a good kisser? Go through the article to find how to be a good kisser.

How to Be a Good Kisser

Kiss is an intimate expression of love. It is the most passionate and sensual act that two people can have with each other. Kissing can be very expressive as it gives you to let out the first emotions of being very close to a person. However, there are definite tips which you should follow to be a good kisser. Fresh breath and moist lips are great turn-on for anyone, whereas chapped lips and bad breath can make anyone run away from such intimate moments. Check out to find how to become a good kisser.

How To Be A Good Kisser
  • Before kissing, you need to take care of your lips. Keep your lips smooth and moist. There are various varieties and flavors of lip gloss, lip balm and lipstick available.
  • You need to get your basics right if you want to be a good kisser. It is best to start slow and then move to the more passionate French kiss exploring each other with great heights of intimacy.
  • Start slow with closed mouth kiss and when both of you start feeling comfortable, go to the next level. Open your lips a little, as she opens hers' and insert your tongue into her lips.
  • Don't forget your arms. Nobody wants to just stand still and kiss. Wrap your arms around her rubbing her back or even butt. Make sure she knows that you're enjoying yourself because if it feels good to you it will feel good to her.
  • Make yourself feel completely confident in what you are doing. It makes the world of difference. Kiss in the way that there is nothing more in the world than to be so close to your lover.
  • To be a good kisser, you should kiss your partner's face in places other than the lips. Make sure that you give small kisses in between the big ones. Remember to always end a kiss with a small soft ending kiss.